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COVID mesures during pandemic.

Dear customers, dear employees, our CONDUCT LINE in the current and future situation.


At Arche TI, it is our utmost priority to offer you the best possible service. Our team is at your entire disposal and we do our best to respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

Until a few months ago, going to meet our customers, discovering their company, meeting the teams on site... all this was part of our daily life and our service.

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Since March 2020, we've been faced with a whole new reality, as per everyday life as well as in the business world.

Since that date, we have adapted our practices in response to the pandemic, but also to be able to keep providing you with the best possible service. Teleworking, social distancing, virtual meetings have become the norm, but our availability remains unchanged.

We have therefore navigated through these months of uncertainty with success and a reinforced capacity to adapt.

We have succeeded in serving our customers, offering quality service despite the distance, and thus contributing to the success and continuity of all our customers' activities.


Today, uncertainty remains of the order and in order to preserve the health of our team as well as that of our clients, travel and face-to-face meetings will be permanently out of the question.

We will offer the same services but with a virtual approach. Our positive experience of the last few months has shown that we are able to provide you with the same quality and availability despite the distance.

In the days, weeks, months to come we will continue to adapt to the circumstances and to improve in order to best meet your needs, rest assured!

Thank you for your understanding,

Take care of yourself,

Arche TI


If you have any questions or want to further discuss our decision and COVID measures, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer you.