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As the leading Odoo Gold partner in North America, Arche TI is proud to have led integrations and provided Odoo support to customers in a wide range of industries.

Odoo is the world's most popular Open Source ERP software, used by over 267,000 companies and 4 million users worldwide to simplify their business processes. With its comprehensive suite of applications and modules, as well as a world-class development and support structure, Odoo is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to optimize their operations. Try it for yourself and see the difference it can make to your business.

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Wholesale & retail

Odoo lets you sell your products via a variety of channels, including physical stores, online stores and even email. The platform's integrated CRM, POS and e-commerce tools, together with its powerful enterprise resource planning capabilities, make it easy to manage your business operations.

Industry software Odoo


Odoo is a powerful platform with applications that can be of great use to industrial companies. The integrated CRM and POS applications let you maintain customer relationships and track sales, while the e-Commerce application lets you sell your products online. Odoo's ERP functionality helps you manage stock levels, finances and production efficiently. What's more, the platform offers integrated analysis tools that enable you to easily monitor and optimize your company's development.

Production software Odoo


Odoo manufacturing applications are ideal for production and manufacturing because of their variety of features that enable companies to streamline and improve their production and manufacturing processes. Integrated tools enable companies to track inventory and materials, plan and monitor manufacturing processes, and monitor product quality. In addition, the applications offer functionalities such as capacity planning, resource planning and manpower planning, enabling companies to optimize their manufacturing processes and increase productivity.

Real Estate software Odoo

Real estate

Odoo offers a complete platform with a variety of functionalities and applications that enable real estate agents, developers and property managers to collaborate. The integrated CRM, website and real estate applications provide everything real estate agents need, while property managers benefit from the accounting modules, and developers are supported by the sales, project management and execution modules. Marketing and HR modules can also be added as required to further enhance the system.

IT solution programm


Odoo is open source enterprise resource planning software that enables IT organizations to automate and simplify their business processes. One of Odoo's major advantages is the wide range of applications available, which can be easily adapted to suit individual business needs. They are also easy to implement and use, inexpensive and scalable. All in all, Odoo applications offer IT companies numerous advantages for optimizing their business processes.

industry solutions Odoo

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From the logistics industry to healthcare and the world of innovative start-ups, Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications can meet all your business needs and increase the efficiency of your operations, whatever the sector.